Deborah Miller 28 Aug 2021, 12:44 to me, Mandy

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Deborah Miller

28 Aug 2021, 12:44

to me, Mandy
Hello Mark and Mandy,

Thanks for your input on the mystery photo.  As to the Lund family, I have a couple of additions for you:

My grandmother's name was spelled 'Calla'.
She and Samuel Victor Day had 2 daughters, Averil and Dorothy.

Averil was married to Walter Lauten. They had 2 daughters. Walter passed away in 1973, and Averil around 1990.

Dorothy was married to Warren Smith. They had 2 daughters. Dorothy and Warren both passed away in 2016.

Given all the privacy concerns these days, hopefully this is enough information for Marten's purpose.

Take care and stay safe!

Debby Miller

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