Anders Hjorth Madsen, 19142011 (aged 97 years)

Anders Hjorth /Madsen/
Birth of a sister
Marriage of a sister
Death of a father
Burial of a father
Cemetery: Lintrup Kirkegård
Death of a brother
Burial of a brother
Death of a mother
Death of a sister
Birth of a grandson
Death of a grandson
Death of a sister
Address: Plejehjemmet Solgården
Solgårdsvej 6
6740 Bramming
Death of a wife
Cause: Sandsynligvis en blodprop
Address: Engvej 5D
Burial of a wife
Cemetery: Rødding Kirkegård
October 7, 201113:30 (7 days after death)
Cemetery: Rødding Kirkegård
Address: Rødding Sognekirke
Family with parents
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