Anna Kathrine Lund, 18741937 (aged 63 years)

Anna Kathrine /Lund/
Given names
Anna Kathrine
Married name
Anna Kathrine /Schulze/
Birth of a brother
Birth of a brother
September 4, 1884 (aged 10 years)
Birth of a sister
Death of a paternal grandmother
Birth of a sister
March 18, 1890 (aged 15 years)
Religious marriage
Birth of a son
Death of a paternal grandfather
Birth of a son
Birth of a daughter
Birth of a daughter
Death of a son
Death of a mother
Death of a father
Marriage of a son
Birth of a grandson
February 25, 1932 (aged 57 years)
Askov, Vejen, Danmark
Latitude: 55.469831 Longitude: 9.103315
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